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Olymp s Marketing Strategy

The marketing mix of Coca-Cola Life

The fourth chapter explains how a website can be optimised to be ranked at the first page of a search engine result page. If somebody intends to buy a certain good online, in most instances he types in the desired good into a search engine and looks through two and maybe three result pages before giving up and refining the search. May be customized to local needs.4.2 zara: A short company overview. Local standards can be secured through production of products in the home market Spain and monitoring of the value chain. The last criteria of a geocentric orientated company can also be related to Zara management structure. Format: PDF  fr PC, Kindle, Tablet, Handy (ohne DRM). Usually the price of a 600ml bottle of Coca-Cola Life is around.50 which is positioned above the price of the direct competitor Pepsi True. Figure 2: Individuals who used the internet for finding information about goods or services for illustration not visible in this excerpt private purposes 2009 illustration not visible in this excerpt Source: Eurostat The next figure shows that there is no coherence. Important is the implication of multi establishment retailing. In the last ten years the internet has become a very important medium.

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They would need up to six months until they get their new designs into market. It is a common use to partner up with local business to enter a foreign market.19 This entry form was used for large, competitive markets. Zaras pace of internationalization can be divided into two phases - The cautious expansion period and the aggressive expansion period. However, before somebody can order goods online, the difficulty is to get potential buyer to visit ones own website. In the end there still needs to be the same message send to consumers in order to maintain a consisting brand image. The last point that a company needs to take care of, is the needs of local people.

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This includes an internal and external analysis of the companys marketing environment. A joint venture is a business agreement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task. Price stability and distribution intensification affect sales and turnover positively (Pfaff, D 2004). References, executive Summary, this report was commissioned to examine the marketing of Coca-Cola Life which is distributed by the Coca-Cola Company. 3.3 Stage of the Product Life Cycle for Coca-Cola Life Far beyond the product policy, the product life cycle (PLZ) has a significant importance for marketing planning. In exchange for gaining the franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor initial start- up and annual licensing fees.21 Franchising was chosen for high-risk countries, that are culturally distant or have small markets with low sales forecast, such as Saudi. 231.4.2 Timing, in terms of timing Zara is tamed a follower, because of its long period of domestic market penetration (as said.1.). On average 32 of the Europeans ordered goods or services over the Internet for private use (cp.,. 3.1 Three Layers of Coca-Cola Life The three layers, which identify the consumers needs and wants of a product, are the core product, actual product and augmented product (Solomon. Another factor, that could prove geocentric orientation is the communication intensity and the flow of information within the company.

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It can be assumed that Zara is a geocentric orientated company because of the companys complexity and high mutual dependence. Illustration not visible in this excerpt Figure 1: Positioning of PPC Adverts in Google 3 Medium Internet within the European Union The third chapter deals with statistics concerning the medium internet within the European Union. 2.4 Main Target Market of Coca-Cola Life Coke Life is designed for adults who are looking for a great tasting Coke. Strong communication between head and regional office to local units is necessary for a smooth flow of processes in the company. The first chapter defines the main term online marketing and distinguishes the different sub terms like search engine marketing and its subareas search engine optimisation and pay per click. 2 Definition of Online Marketing, this chapter is to explain the main terms used in this report. Source: The Coca-Cola Company (2015 with the newest innovation, Coke Life, KO wants to offer their customers a version of Coke with fewer calories.

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In relation to Coke Life it is obvious that the branding KO has created is a co-brand, as Coke Life is marketed under one brand; Coca-Cola (Solomon. Table of Contents, executive Summary 1 Introduction.1 Authorisation and purpose.2 Limitations.3 Scope 2 Background.1 The Organisation.2 The Product Coca-Cola Life.3 swot Analysis.4 Main Target Market of Coca-Cola Life 3 Product.1 Three Layers. There are synonyms for search engine optimisation which are frequently used like web-promotion, web-optimisation or web-ranking (cp. The next two subchapters will define these terms, the use and the instruments will be explained in detail in the following chapters. The Netherlands rank second with 90 and Norway ranks third with 89 (see appendix 2). Different cultures are of little importance in the process of Zaras internationalization. Instead, I suggest abolishing the causal cotton shirts: in this area, there is a huge competition and too many alternatives for consumers. Here it is far better to find the right keywords like company product, company branch or company main-keyword (cp. Thus, cost savings can be made through the rationalisation of advertising (Wegrzyn 2015).

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Those measures are usually subdivided into so called onsite- and offsite-optimisations. 2 Background, in this chapter some details about the company and its product Coke Life will be presented as well as the main target markets for this product. Zara is not designing and producing clothes and accessories for special demands of certain markets. Through the brand Coca-Cola people can link certain memory contents over a longer period which were built up by marketing measures like the co-branding (Esch Andresen 1997). SEO deals with the manner of positioning a certain website for a certain keyword, with the aim to be at least under the top ten or even at a higher position of a search engine result-page, without paying a fee to the search engine operator. In relation to the product life cycle it is evident that Coca-Cola Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales. In terms of communication policy, Olymp should enlarge its co- operations as it does with Lufthansa to increase the popularity and intensify the customer relationsip; in addition, sponsoring has to remain as an important means of communication, promotion and presence. Schwarz 2008,.351.). That is where search engines come into play. This report deals primarily with search engine marketing in short SEM.

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The external link, also known as offpage-optimisation is the most important instrument for a successful search engine optimisation. Furthermore, the parent company and its foreign subsidiaries use management techniques that maximize the companys global efficiency17. Own subsidiary is a common stock which is owned 100 by the parent company and only operates with its permission.18 Own subsidiary was chosen for most European markets and South American countries that were perceived risk and is Zaras most common entry form. Online marketing is a package of measures which are targeted on guiding visitors to ones own or to a particular webpage where than can be dealt (cp. Number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units, meaning a product, or a particular size or model of a product, that a company has available for sale considered as a single unit.2 Those companies need a range of sizes.

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The company is a world leading retailer but still assures that the production is based in Spain, or countries nearby and also makes sure that the prices remain the lowest on the local market. It is part of daily routine; it is used for communicating with friends per e-mail or in social networks, finding information about anything, carrying out payment transactions via online banking, buying new shoes or booking holiday accommodations. These include inter alia persons with a hectic daily routine those are very concerned about naturalness and sustainability (The Coca-Cola Company 2015; Spaeth 2015). Therefore, Olymp should stick to his core products and to those products that differentiate the company from others. A series of text adverts usually labelled as sponsored links are displayed on the right side of a ranking page (cp.

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Thereby, statements on sales potential of the product, the behaviour of competitors, the earning positions of the product and typical activities, like advertisement and price reductions, can be made over a specific period of time (Ku Kleinaltenkamp 2011). Schmid, Strategien der Internationalisierung, 2013,. So the results of the use of the internet reveal that 73 of the European population between the ages of 16 to 24 years uses the internet on average daily or almost daily. In addition, the way the products are presented in the retail shops should be retained: In- store corner concepts and other systems provide a high- quality impression and attracts customer interest. This used to be different but the firm learned from its own experience that it is better to recruit employees locally to gain better understanding of local market preferences. ) a survey of the European Interactive Advertising Association (eiaa) proves that in of all households in the European Union do have internet access. The center of consideration are countries or regions characterized by internal homogeneity,.g. Therefore, relating to the PLZ Coke Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales and persuade consumers to choose their product over similar products (The Coca-Cola Company 2014; Solomon.

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2.1 The Organisation, the Coca-Cola Company (KO) is a multinational, stock listed company which was founded in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton. The final allocation of goods is decided under consideration of local sales and product information in Zaras headquarter. But also Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Germany and the UK use the internet frequently for finding information about goods and services for private purposes. To stand out from the competitors the company should analyse possible product improvements or product alternatives in the growth phase. Hence the advertiser does not pay when the advert is displayed, but only when the advert is clicked on which then leads to a visit to the advertisers web site.

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