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Details MT Luke Haliburton, Ville Mkel Combating Excessive Scrolling on Smartphones Description Many people suffer from smartphone addiction, where they use their smartphones frequently and for long periods at a time without realizing. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, 113. Preferred (but not necessary) qualification, knowledge in the area of human computer interaction. In the near future Artificial Intelligences will become evenly equal partners in music making scenarios. . 5Balters,., Mauriello,. Design a user study, conduct a user study, do a statistical evaluation. On the other hand, once we are settled in, the latter makes it hard for us to focus - on a working task, a conversation, or our own imagination.

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Ju,., Losasso,., Schaefer,., Warren,. There are several tasks for media informatics students in this project (cf. In this thesis, you will perform user-centered research to investigate elicitation process, uncertainty and ambiguity of human preferences while mesh simplification in 3D modeling. Dabei ist neben der reinen Existenz dieser Phasen auch das Verhltnis der Phasen zueinander magebend fr die User Experience. Get familiar with authentication techniques, find and study related literature, develop / reuse software tracking the body motion and model it. The aim of this project is to investigate new approaches to gestural interaction that could make the interaction less visible and less tiresome. Details Daniel Buschek, Emanuel von Zezschwitz Einzelpraktikum Effizienzanalyse Mobiler Authentifizierung Effizienz ist ein wichtiger Faktor der Usabilityforschung. Bei der Vergabe von Themen ist es uns besonders wichtig, dass sie zur jeweiligen Studentin oder zum jeweiligen Studenten passen und auch fr uns wissenschaftlich interessant sind.

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ACM Transactions on Graphics, 21(3 339-346. Therefore we have to find ways to interact with systems that are able to make their own decisions and have their own creative mind. . Bei der Abgabe Ihrer Thesis ist es wichtig, dass Sie die folgenden Vorgaben des Prfungsausschuss beachten. Dafr sollen mehrere Modifikationen eines PIN-Eingabesystems entwickelt und im Feldtest studiert werden. In Proceedings of the 20th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques - siggraph'93 (Vol. In our investigation of this problem, we published this work ( link ; video ). Evaluation in form of a User Study. Org Details BT/MT Ville Mkel On-Body Gestures Description Mid-air gestures enable new and exciting ways of interacting with technology, especially because devices can be interacted with from a distance. AI and music: From composition to expressive performance.

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In particular, we aim to make smartphone users more aware of how much they scroll throughout their day and offer them ways to track their scrolling behavior. Requirements: Interest and experience in music theory. Org/10.1121 2 Wiegand,., Mai,., Hollnder,., Hussmann,. Teamplayer, independent scientific work, creative problem solving. Investigating performance and user behavior. Practical experience with user-centered design processes and UI/UX design methods and tools. "Research through design as a method for interaction design research in HCI." Proceedings of the sigchi conference on Human factors in computing systems. Freiwillige frhere Abgabe ist mglich, ein Exemplar bei dem Aufgabensteller, freiwillig ein Exemplar in der Fachbereichsbibliothek.

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Deswegen gibt es hier keine Liste mit feststehenden Themen; wenden Sie sich bei Interesse stattdessen. Augmented reality: A class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum. Scope of the Thesis, the aim of this thesis is to create novel interaction concepts for public displays, implement them in the form of prototype applications and test them in user studies. In diesem Einzelpraktikum soll der Einfluss der verschiedenen Authentifizierungsphasen auf die Effizienz untersucht werden. Established communication with human musicians are eye-contact, gestures, verbal expressions. Evaluation of the prototype by means of one (or more) interactive display applications. Als Ma der Effizienz dient hier in der Regel die Zeit, welche fr die korrekte Eingabe eines Passwortes/PIN bentigt wird.

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What impact will such concepts have on prospective actions? Additionally, prolonged gesturing can lead to fatigue. Like other personal data, we think that users' personality data might be captured in the future without users' knowledge and out of their control. "Design frictions for mindful interactions: The case for microboundaries." Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Conducting user studies and evaluating the data Handling of depth imaging data from a motion sensor (e.g.

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Dual contouring of hermite data. In this thesis a design exploration should be performed that focusses on materials like paper which affordances lead to actions such as tearing, crumpling, folding, punching holes, etc. Aufgaben: Literaturrecherche / selbststndiges Aneignen von Fachwissen Ausarbeitung der zu testenden Konzepte (im Team) Entwicklung der Studiensoftware (Android oder iOS) Planung und Durchfhrung der Nutzerstudie (im Team) Analyse und Aufbereitung der Studienergebnisse Bei Erfolg des Projektes besteht die Mglichkeit an einer internationalen Publikation mitzuwirken. Implementation of a functional prototype that demonstrates the basic concept. However, we quickly realized that a prerequisite is to first make sure the user knows which on-screen cue they should follow. The kinds of situations GravitySpot.0 should cover.

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